TECH Project


Project Overview

The TECH Project will be a modern and sustainable producer of a critical chemicals for the emerging lithium ion battery and electric vehicle sector.  

High grade nickel laterite ore will be imported from New Caledonia from a number of ore supply partners with long established mining operations.  Ore will be unloaded at the Port of Townsville and then transported by either road or rail to the TECH Project site at Lansdown.

Initially the ore will be processed in a Processing Plant which utilises the DNi Process™.


The Processing Plant will produce:

  • Nickel-Cobalt Mixed Hydroxide Precipitate (“MHP”)

  • Aluminium Hydroxide

  • High purity Haematite (saleable product)

  • Magnesium Oxide (saleable product)


The MHP will then be further refined to produce battery grade chemicals nickel sulfate and cobalt sulfate, intended for sale to the lithium ion battery sector.

Similarly, the aluminium hydroxide will be refined to produce High Purity Alumina (“HPA”). 

Shipping from Caledonia to Townsville

Laterite Ore (1.6%)

Processing Plant

Ni-Co Mixed Hydroxide Precipitate

Aluminium Hydroxite

Value Add Business

Sulfate​ Refinery

High purity alumina (HPA) Refinery

99.99% HPA

Cobalt Sulfate

Nickel Sulfate