TECH Project

QPM completed a Pre-Feasibility Study (“PFS”) for the TECH Project in April 2020.

For complete details on the PFS, please refer to the following ASX announcement.


Summary of results (reformat tables to suit)

Project Physicals


Pre-Feasibility Study



Plant design life

30 years with ramp up period of 12 months

Ore processed (steady state)

565,714 (wet) tpa

Assumed ore grade

1.60% Nickel

0.18% Cobalt

46.6% Iron

1.69% Aluminium

3.02% Magnesium

Assumed ore grade

Nickel sulphate 26,398 t

Cobalt sulphate 3,097 t

4N HPA 4,007 t

Hematite 327,665 wmt

Magnesia 20,079 t

Project Financials

Financial Metrics

PFS Results

EBITDA (steady state)

AUD 261m

Post tax NPV

AUD 1.47bn

Post tax IRR


Capital payback period

Within 3.5 years

Plant Layout