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The DNi Process is an environmentally friendly process for extracting metals from laterite ores.  It is owned by Altilium Group Limited

Traditionally, nickel laterite ores have been processed by High Pressure Acid Leach (“HPAL”).  HPAL operations utilise a sulphuric acid leach under high temperature and pressure conditions. 


HPAL operations have been characterised by:

  • High capital cost

  • Long construction time due to exotic materials of construction required

  • Long ramp up

  • Poor performance and failure to reach nameplate capacity

  • Environmental concerns due to requirement of tailings dams and, in some cases, dumping tailings into the ocean

The DNi Process™ utilises a nitric acid leach under atmospheric conditions. 

DNi offers many benefits over HPAL including:

  • Extraction of all metals from nickel laterite ore

  • Lower capital cost

  • Shorter construction time as stainless steel can be used to construct the plant

  • Zero liquids discharge

  • Very low solids discharge and potential to be zero solids discharge if inert residue is suitable for engineered landfill or other industrial use


For more information, please visit the Altilium Group website


Figure: Simplied DNi ProcessTM Flowsheet